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True Order - This is us...
Hi there Neverwinter-Adventurers,

this is me with my second try, right after realizing that my first article which should tell you about our Guild, grew way to large. This time i try to keep it short and informational Big Grin

Our guild was founded about 3 Years ago by my girlfriend and me. First our goal was not to become a verly large guild with many members. Instead we just wanted to be A guild and enjoy the benefits that come along.

This attitude changed when Module 6 was released (The Stronghold-Module) and wit hrelease of this very module we started to become more and benefit more of the advanteges great guild would get. Our new goal became: Growing ^^

But now to tell you something about our guild and the way we wanna be... the way we wanna play and the expectations we have of our members...

...there are almost none Wink

We hope for all our members to have fun with the game. To enjoy the game and foremost to enjoy helping other guild members or receive help from guild members whenever you need it.

Never would we expect our guild members to be online at certain times... to do certain tasks or to join our teamspeak.

We started as a casual guild and we will stay that way :Smile Everybody has got a private/real life in the ral world... a job... family... social life... that always has priority!

We both work fulltime and got our private life too so we know hwo it is ^^

But of course we hope that you get along with other guild members... show kindness.. help each other out... etc. We wanna work together as a team cause a team can always reach higher goals and profits than individuals do Smile

United we are strong !

So after you read this maybe you can identify yourself with the way our guild ist and wants to be in the future... then come on and join our team. You can read about how to put up an application just here!.

After that you can put up your application right there

We still are a pretty small guild right at the beginning andour Guild-Ranking is still at Rank 1. But this is alos a great oportunity for new guild members toget involved and support us on our way to grow and gain higher ranks and greater benefits for all guild members.

You might get promoted to higher guild ranks too very quickly now that we still are at our beginning and help us in steering the guild through the storms that are yet to come Smile

Additionally i am proud to announce that since last week we are member of an alliance of 13 guilds. The Name of this Alliance is "Phönix Alliance Rising" and there are many advatages that result out of this alliance Big Grin

If you wanna know more you can get Information abvout the Alliance Benfits on the internet or maybe some time in the future you can get these here on this site.

And the end i wanna say, that we would very much like to welcome you in our guild Smile

= True Order =

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